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Abduction and Torture of Sylvanos Mudzvova

On 12 September 2016 at around 10:45pm, about six alleged state security agents wielding guns broke into the home of Sylvanos Mudzvova (38), in Crowborough, Harare, from where they abducted him in full view of his wife and children. Sylvanos is the acting #Tajamuka/Sesijikile spokesperson. He was blindfolded with sackcloth and bundled into the abductors’ [...]

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Organised Violence in Epworth

The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (the Forum) has received reports of politically motivated violence in Epworth where alleged ZANU PF youths were moving in four trucks at around 2300 hours on 10 September assaulting individuals perceived to have participated in protest marches. The perpetrators were moving door to door in some cases forcing entrance [...]

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Victory Alert

  The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum represented 28 Murehwa families that were facing eviction. In October 2015 the Forum attended court in Murehwa in defense of the clients who were at the verge of eviction. The Forum obtained an order by consent which among other things stated that, “the 1st to the 28th Defendants [...]

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“Abuse of Police Powers”

Benjamin Muzavazi one of our clients who wasassaulted by police officers at Rhodesville , resulting in a broken big right toe, bruises on the palate and excruciating pain is under continuous persecution by the police according to his Lawyer, Kenias Shonhai. Shonai feels the police is abusing its powers and continuously harasses Muzavazi. After filing an [...]

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