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#ShutdownZim Update January 24

In Brief Zimbabwe’s human rights environment still remains fragile a week after violence protests rocked the nation. The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (the Forum) continues to monitor the environment documenting human rights violations since the call for the national stay away on January 14 and the violent protests that followed. The Forum notes that [...]

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#ZimShutdown Human Rights Update – 23 January 2019

In Brief Zimbabwe has been experiencing elevated levels of violence since the protests that rocked the country last week. Upon his arrival, the President issued a statement to the effect that violence and misconduct by security forces is unacceptable. He also added that an investigation into the violence will be conducted. Read the full report here.Despite [...]

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#ZimShutdown Human Rights Update – 22 January 2019

22 January 2019 In Brief The Forum continues to monitor the environment following the protests and national shut down last week. This report gives a summary of the key developments.  In this report we survey the situation around the country were in some places the police continued assaulting people.  We report on the Civil Society [...]

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ZEN calls for immediate end to violent crackdown in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe Europe Network (ZEN) strongly condemns the disproportionate force Zimbabwe’s security forces have used against its own citizens in the past week, and is shocked by the seemingly random acts of violence. Zimbabwean human rights organisations recorded over 800 human rights violations so far, which included at least 12 killings, at least 78 injuries [...]

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#ZimShutdown Update for 21 January 2019

21 January 2019 In Brief Monday 21 January 2019 was generally quiet in the beginning but activity increased as the the day progressed across the country. In the seemingly calm normal business day, state violence against civil society, labour, opposition and residents continued. On a brighter note, the High Court set aside the government’s directive [...]

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