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Rights of the elderly

This bulletin explains the rights of the elderly, who are people over the age of sixty internationally and seventy in Zimbabwe. Age reduces the elderly’s capacities to demand and invoke their rights. Family members, society and others often violate the rights of elderly people. The elderly deserve special rights protection as a vulnerable group. Read more …Rights of the elderly

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Bulletin 109 – Rights of persons with disabilities

Although persons with disabilities should enjoy the same rights enjoyed by able-bodied people, they often face social, legal, and practical barriers in claiming and enjoying those rights on an equal basis with others. This bulletin provides information on the rights of persons with disabilities. Read more …Bulletin 109 – Rights of persons with disabilities

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Bulletin 108 – Freedom from Arbitrary Arrest and Detention

Arrests or detentions not carried out in accordance with the law, or in cases, in which there is no likelihood or evidence that the arrested or detained committed a crime against legal statute, are arbitrary. This bulletin informs the public on the right to freedom from arbitrary arrest and detention. Read more …Bulletin 108 – Freedom from arbitrary arrest and detention.

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