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Citizen engagement in governance

The involvement of citizens in civic and political processes is an important element of democracy and good governance. Indeed citizen engagement is a core principle of democracy. Governments that engage citizens acknowledge that citizens are their critical stakeholders who give them legitimacy ti govern. Read more…Bulletin 100 English

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Bulletin Number 98: Child Marriages

The bulletin discusses the policy and regulatory environment as well as practice on child marriages in Zimbabwe. It concludes by recommending that the Government of Zimbabwe should formulate policies that redress cultural factors that promote or condone child marriages for compliance with domestic and international law on child rights. Read more … Bulletin 98- Child [...]

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Bulletin number 97: The right to privacy in Zimbabwe

The bulletin explains the individuals have the right to keep their private life away from public scrutiny or disclosure without their consent in Zimbabwe. The right to privacy enables individuals to enjoy other rights such as freedom of association, freedom of expression and the ability to access and share information. The bulletin concludes by recommending that legislation [...]

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