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The Human Rights Monitor celebrated its first anniversary at the end of 2000. Nine Monitors were produced, the first spanning January to March, the second covering April and May. From June, as the political violence subsided just before and after the election, we managed to print a Monitor each month, as we had originally intended.
We must now revisit the figures that we published. We knew the figures for political violence were incomplete when we published them, but it was important to publish what we had to keep you informed. As we said in later Monitors, new reports of old violence keep on coming in. Even now, in March 2001, with the MDC’s electoral challenges being heard in the High Court, we are hearing new information about what happened nearly a year ago.
So our ‘annual report’ is simply an updating of the total figures we have as at mid-March 2001. They also include unpublished information. Our earlier figures were based simply on newspaper reports, but now we have extra information from some victims themselves, whose cases were not reported in the press.
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