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This is a Press statement by the CIVIL SOCIETY MONITORING MECHANISM (CISOMM) on the 4th Anniversary of the Formation of the Inclusive Government. Whilst CISOMM acknowledges progress in Zimbabwe since the formation of the inclusive gevernment, it calls upon the goverment to take stock of the unfulfilled provisions of the political agreement in order to ensure strengthening of the framework and operating environment required to undertake a successful national referendum and elections. Such environment, CISOMM states, should guarantee the enjoyment of all fundamental freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution, including the freedom of association and assembly, freedom of movement and freedom of speech, as well as rule of law.
This should also include other rights not guaranteed in the current constitution such as economic, social and cultural rights. In addition the enviroment should guarantee the security of the vote, security of the voter and the secrecy of the vote.Download doc, 17.5 KB

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