Civic Education Network Trust


Civic Education Network Trust

The Civic Education Network Trust (CIVNET) was formed from the Church/NGO voter education campaign that was established in March 1994 as a civil society initiative to address the problem of voter apathy. After the 1996 election the ensuing evaluation recommended the institution of a long-term civic education project to educate Zimbabweans on their rights and obligations as citizens with specific reference to issues of citizen participation, development and democracy. This was in response to continued decreasing participation by citizens in economic, political and community development issues.


An empowered and responsible citizenry.


To empower citizens and promote peace through participatory civic education and leadership development


CIVNET conducts its work through three main programmes namely the Citizen Participation Programme (CPP) which incorporates the Constitution and Constitutionalism Project (CCP) and the Voter Education Project (VEP); the Leadership Development Programme (LDP); and the Peace Building Programme (PBP).


The Citizen Participation Programme promotes citizenship or citizen involvement in governance and development through engaging their local authorities to resolve community development problems. This is done through a series of participatory workshops and community development projects that mobilise citizens and leaders to work together. Over the years the programme has helped citizens and communities to take part in democratic processes like elections and local governance processes from informed perspectives as well as in development initiatives like water, sanitation and health (WASH), the environment, community safety and security. WASH projects include dam reclamation, sinking and protecting deep wells, restoration of water supply, building Blair toilets, building and resuscitation of clinics, care and support to those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS, cleanups and establishment of nutrition gardens. Other community development initiatives undertaken include building of schools, repair of damaged roads and bridges, gully reclamation, support and care for orphans and widows, tree planting etc.


The Constitution and Constitutionalism Project which succeeded the Citizen Participation in Constitution Making Project was established principally to raise awareness among Zimbabweans on the importance of the new constitution and to share information on how to use it to exercise rights and honour obligations as citizens. This was in recognition of the problem of low appreciation of citizenship in a modern state. This is done through analysis of the politico-socio-economic situation of the country and study of key constitutional questions or issues and constitutionalism. The results are increased engagement with local authorities on service delivery and holding leaders to account.


The Leadership Development Programme builds social capital by improving on the leadership skills of leaders and those who show potential during the execution of community projects. The seven month course consists of three modules of one week each and two home phases. Graduates of the course are now leading CBOs, NGOs, residents associations etc. and some are now in local authorities (Councils) and Parliament.


The Peace Building Programme helps people and communities divided by conflict to reach out to each other and mend the broken relations. This is done through creatively designed workshops that provide security and safety to both victims and perpetrators of violent conflicts e.g. political violence. Mediators are also trained to assist in addressing local conflicts. The results are conflict transformation demonstrated by improved dialogue and relations in previously divided communities. Another major result is the adoption of restorative justice systems in the project areas as opposed to the retributive justice system prevalent in the country.

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