Legal Resources Foundation

Legal Resources Foundation (LRF) is an autonomous charitable and educational Trust established in 1984 by trust deed to provide direct services to the public target the rural and urban poor, disadvantaged women, scholars and the general public.

Mission Statement:

  • Educating people on their rights and responsibilities, and mobilising them to access their rights;
  • Producing legal reference and educational materials;
  • Providing training to community leaders and grassroots education through schools;
  • Providing legal assistance to marginalized people through well-equipped legal assistance centres;
  • Working with authorities and institutions responsible for justice delivery to strengthen the justice system, identify and remove loopholes, train and equip officials responsible for the administration and delivery of justice;
  • Aurogra
  • Engaging in test case litigation and aggressively pursuing lobbying. advocacy and publicity campaigns for test case programme;
  • Using lobbying and advocacy to raise awareness of human rights and promote human rights culture and observance of the rule of law; and
  • Developing the human and material resources necessary to accomplish our aims and objectives.

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Legal Resources Foundation (LRF)

16 Oxford Road, P.O. Box 918, Avondale, Harare

Landline: +263 (4) 333 707


Nicoz Diamond Building


1st Floor, 30 Samora Machel Avenue, Harare

Landline +263  (4)251170-4


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