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The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (the Forum) would like to echo the sentiments raised by civil society in its petition to SADC Heads of State dated 1 April 2008, wherein civics called for the swift announcement of the election results.
The Forum has monitored events in Zimbabwe as these have unfolded in the run up to the elections. Furthermore, the Forum observed proceedings on Election Day itself and has continued to do so to date. While the Forum is aware of the logistical difficulties associated with computing results of an election of this magnitude, it is of the firm view that the current delay is unjustifiable, particularly given that the verification of all results, and the posting at ward and constituency levels had been completed by 30 March 2008. The manner in which the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has elected to announce the outcome of the polls has resulted in mounting tensions and growing speculation that the will of the people might have been subverted with the election results having been distorted.
The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum therefore appeals to ZEC to release the remaining election results without any further delay, particularly the much anticipated results for the presidential election. Furthermore, the Forum requests that ZEC make available all relevant documentation to allow for an audit of the ballot to clarify any discrepancies between the figures announced by Election Command Central and the official results posted at polling station. In particular, it is critical that ZEC makes public all results, including the results of the individual polling stations and the collated results from the constituency command posts. Such a process would be in line with international best practice, and by so doing put to rest any fears that the will of the people was or is being subverted

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