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The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum has watched with great concern the events that have transpired in Kenya following the announcement of results for the 10th Parliamentary Elections and the Presidential Election held on 27 December 2007. The Forum condemns in the strongest terms any form of violence whether this is done to repress or in protest.
Whereas we sympathize and understand the frustration, disappointment and anger of the Kenyan people following what they perceive to be a stolen vote, it is our strong view that there are other means of expressing their concerns. The loss of life in these circumstances can not be justified and has to come to an end. Further the heavy handed response by the government and state security agents can not be tolerated.
The Forum welcomes the steps that have been taken by civil society and the people of Kenya in general towards a peaceful settlement of the situation in their country. Further the Forum would like to echo the calls by civil society in Kenya for the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) to disclose to the public the full presidential tally; to lift the ban on live broadcast imposed by the Minister of Internal Security, John Muchuki; and that there be an immediate halt to the violence.

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