Twin rights of privacy and Expression,Panel Discussion, 20 Oct, ACHPR

Focus and objective

The panel discussion will be an opportunity to harness regional and international expertise and comparative experiences on how the protection of the twin rights of expression and privacy both at national and regional levels could be strengthened both in policy and practice. In particular the panel will look at what gaps, if any, are there in bringing the current policy, legislative and practice frameworks in line with international standards and norms, and other comparable national and regional regulatory standards that exhibit best practice. This will be achieved by looking at:

  1. Current state of policy and practice on press freedom and the protection of journalists as they exercise the right to impart information and facilitate access to information.
  2. Current state of policy and practice in state digital surveillance and how this undermines HRDs’s right to privacy and expression.

The event will take place during the Forum on the participation of during the 54th Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ rights and 28th African Human Rights Book Fair

18-20 October 2013

Kairaba Beach Hotel, The Gambia


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