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In the work done by the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum it has become clear that there is a need to create awareness as to the subject of human rights in Zimbabwe. It is also vital to empower communities to assert their rights without fear of victimisation. The initiative of holding mobile human rights clinics is targeted at reaching out to communities in their comfort zones and imparting knowledge in terms of human rights and engaging them on issues that are peculiar to them and affect them the most to make the information they are given relevant and useful for their day to day lives. Mobile Human Rights Clinics (MHRC) enable communities to gain knowledge of not just their rights but the remedies at their disposal in cases of violations as well as given those communities opportunities to interact with legal practitioners at no personal cost. MHRCs provide communities that may otherwise have no voice with opportunities to contribute and influence the improvement of the country’s legal and institutional reform.
It was against this background that the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum conducted a mobile human rights clinic in Gwanda on the 14th of June.
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Gwanda Mobile Human Rights Clinics Report (1)

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