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In this groundbreaking report which can be accessed here, Key Statistics from the 2013 Voters Roll Audit final copy 5 July 2013  the Research and Advocacy Unit observe that the compilation of the Voters’ Roll is always a moving target. Old voters die and new voters are added. The Voters’ Roll can thus never meet the ideal indicated at the outset. However, the gap between the ideal and the actual should be kept within reasonable limits if the electoral process is to be deemed fair and credible. The statistics presented here show:

  1. That there are nearly 2 000 000 potential voters aged under 30 who are unregistered.
  2. That there are well over 1 000 000 people on the roll who are either deceased or 
  3. That 63 constituencies have more registered voters than inhabitants.
  4. That40Constituenciesdeviatefromtheaveragenumberofvotersperconstituencyby 
more than the permitted 20%.

Such statistics suggest that the gap between the ideal and the actual impinges upon the integrity of Zimbabwe’s electoral process.

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