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Taken from Newsday
A TEAM of rights lawyers from the NGO Forum has launched a rural outreach programme where they are offering free legal services to crime victims to enable them to obtain peace orders against their alleged tormentors.
The team visited villagers in Magunje, Karoi, on Monday where several villagers claimed that they were being haunted by suspected criminals granted bail under unclear circumstances.
One of the villagers, Tracy Tiki, said she was now living in fear following the release on bail of a suspect accused of allegedly killing her husband in April this year.
The murder suspect, Roy Mupanedengu of Highdale village in Magunje, was arrested in April for allegedly killing Finji Tiki, who was a member of the neighbourhood watch team in the area.
Tiki had caught Mupanedengu red-handed stealing zinc iron sheets from the community’s tobacco barns. Tracy, who was once assaulted by Mupanedengu, told members of the NGO Forum legal committee on Monday that she feared for her life.
Another villager, Musa Mugwagwa (44), whose grocery shop was allegedly broken into by Mupanedengu, also expressed concern over the country’s justice delivery system.
“The justice system is just corrupt. How can someone continue to be given bail in many cases involving robberies and murder? They do all sorts of crimes, but they will be given bail and come back to intimidate villagers and commit more crimes,” Mugwagwa said.

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