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MMPZ is shocked by news that the government is in the process of drafting new cyber-security laws to control the activities of social media.
While MMPZ does not condone the use of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, MySpace, LinkedIn, You Tube and the Internet to abuse others, MMPZ is concerned that any new cyber-laws may also undermine Zimbabweans’ rights to free expression and a free media.
The government and other influential members of society might take advantage of these laws to restrict criticism of public figures and the exposure of bad governance and other malpractices across all sectors of society by bloggers, government critics and journalists, among others. Read More here: MMPZ’s statement over plans by Government to control social media-Sept 2014-1
Also see Email Inquiry sent to Parliament by our international office & concerned partners: Inquiry into proposed Social Media Laws

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