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Organised violence has reportedly continued to prevail in all parts of the country. The Public Press and the Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum have received a large number of reports on human rights and political violations allegedly perpetrated by the uniformed officials, with the greatest prevalence being reported in Manicaland. Soldiers have been reportedly spearheading violence in Manicaland. Examples include the ten soldiers who severely assaulted bus conductors at Nyakamete in Manicaland Province and the uniformed officials who assaulted security guards at Charleswood Farm in Manicaland.
Specifically, in Chimanimani, CIO agents, police officers and soldiers are meting out a reign of terror, assaulting civilians with baton sticks, sjamboks booted feet and open hands. Victims of political violence are allegedly being taken to prison cells in the area, which the victims claim now serve as torture centres.
Cases of displacement have also been reported, with the implementation of section 8 by the Government. Commercial farmers are being forced to vacate their farms, at times leaving all their property behind. Terry Hinde of Condwelani Farm was allegedly trapped inside his house for several hours by about sixty young Zanu PF militants, together with his wife and son. They were told to pack up their belongings and leave the premises. Notwithstanding the reports that they made to the police, no action has been taken. Complaints have been received by the Zimbabwe Human Rights Forum in August, that although some cases of organised violence and torture by the Zanu PF militia were reported to the police, they are usually reluctant to do anything about it. Farm security guards and farm workers have also been assaulted, for example, at Charleswood Farm, as their stay on the farms is seen as slowing down resettlement. In one incident, Hazel Thornhill returned to her farm having been away for the weekend for safety reasons, and found her farm occupied by Zanu PF militants. Her property was all over the ground. Although they reported the matter to the police, no action has been taken.
Amani Trust is helping the victims of organised violence and torture from Charleswood Farm, and they have confirmed that victims from the farm who visit the organisation will have sustained serious injuries, which need urgent medical and psychological attention.
Organised violence has not declined throughout the country and it appears that its focal point is to stop people from supporting the opposition party MDC and rejoin Zanu PF.

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