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The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum has continued to receive reports of political violence from Buhera. The torture of MDC and suspected MDC supporters has led to the killing of Cosamu Mudzimuirema, an MDC committee member who died as a result of torture by riot police.
The month of July has also seen attacks on civil servants by Zanu PF supporters and war veterans. Teachers accused of belonging to the opposition MDC party are reportedly to have being assaulted by Zanu PF supporters. At Mapanzure Secondary School in Masvingo four teachers were seriously injured after Zanu PF supporters assaulted teachers at the school. In Zaka, Zanu PF youths are allegedly assaulting teachers suspected to be MDC supporters. The District Administrators of Matobo and Umizigwane were pushed out of their offices by war veterans led by Gayigusu. The campaign follows remarks by the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing who reportedly accused civil servants of delaying the land redistribution exercise.
In Kapembere ward, Muzarabani, MDC alleges that its supporters are being left out in the food distribution programme initiated by Christian Care, a non-governmental organization. The MDC security chief in the ward claims that Zanu PF supporters compiled a list of known and suspected MDC supporters. This list is the one being used in the food distribution exercise. However Christian Care has denied the allegations saying that their programme is transparent and non-political. Food is distributed to those identified as being in most need.

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