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Reports in the month of July were considerably fewer due to the continuation of Operation Murambatsvina as most NGOs are involved in relief work for the victims of the Operation. As the Operation continued, perennial victims, Porta Farm residents, were again targeted for eviction. Reports are that the residents were evicted and asked to go where they wanted to, but many of them had nowhere to go. Others were reportedly taken to Hopley Farm but before they could settle down, the Minister of Local Government, Dr Ignatius Chombo is said to have told them that there were no longer any available stands at the Farm so all the other people had to move on elsewhere. The Human Rights Forum condemns the manner in which the evictions at Porta Farm continue to be executed and notes that it is the duty of the Government to provide housing for its citizens.
Police reportedly assaulted and arrested members of the NCA as they demonstrated in favour of a new constitution for Zimbabwe. The Human Rights Forum notes the importance of the right to freedoms of association, assembly and movement as fundamental pillars for democratic progress. The Forum further urges the Government to ensure respect for these rights.
Infighting in the ZCTU reportedly intensified as Phoebe Vhareta, Women’s Advisory Council (WAC) Chairperson and Thabitha Khumalo (WAC) Secretary, were allegedly assaulted and the meeting of the WAC disrupted by another ZCTU faction. The Human Rights Forum urges the ZCTU to resolve their differences in a peaceful manner that ensures tolerance and respect for differing views.
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