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Towards the end of May and at the beginning of June, 9 people were arrested in a bizarre incident, which became commonly known as the “coup plot”. In this foiled coup plot, the 9 had purportedly been involved in a conspiracy to topple the President of Zimbabwe, Hon. Robert Mugabe using force of arms. The 9 were arrested, allegedly heavily assaulted and tortured. Their guilt has yet to be proven.
In another instance, the rest of the MDC activists who were arrested and reportedly tortured after March 2007 on allegations of petrol bombing a number of targets were released after more than 72 days of incarceration. They were acquitted due to lack of evidence.
The Human Rights Forum notes with satisfaction the lifting of the ban on all political gatherings and rallies and implores the Government to allow the people of Zimbabwe to express themselves freely especially with the coming 2008 Elections in mind.
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