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Inter-party violence prevailed throughout the campaign period or the Zengeza by-election held from 27-28 March 2004. Seventy-five percent of the politically motivated assaults that were perpetrated in March 2004 occurred in Zengeza constituency during the campaign period. There are allegations that Christopher Chigumba (ZANU PF candidate, Zengeza by-election). was involved in intimidation of MDC supporters. CT, the MDC Chairperson, Ward 20, in Zengeza was reportedly visited at his home by ZANU PF supporters who had earlier attacked his home in the company of two senior officials from the ruling party, ZANU PF, and Christopher Chigumba. There were also several reports of attacks on the home of James Makore (MDC candidate, Zengeza by-election).
Incidents of assault have been indiscriminate with several reports of assaults of elderly persons over the age of 60. Three pregnant women were reportedly assaulted in March 2004. WC, who was four months pregnant, was allegedly assaulted by some ZANU PF youths based at the home of a Mrs Hungwe (the ZANU PF Women’s Leader in the area). The youths reportedly assaulted her with a chain on her back, buttocks and legs and also broke her arm as she was trying to shield her face from a blow and protect her stomach.
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