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The month of March 2009 saw a continuation of the disturbances on commercial farms, thwarting of civic activity and political polarization, as the rule of law continued to be compromised despite the formation of an inclusive government. Human rights violations remained a worrying trend in a society that hopes to transcend from a past of violence, political polarisation and intimidation, into a new democratic dispensation. In fact, even through the month shows a reduction, the trend of human rights violations threatens to destabilise the already fragile peace in the country and discourage any efforts to bring to an end the socio-economic challenges that have bedevilled the country for so long.
Some cautious optimism may be expressed that the situation might improve under the terms of the Global Political Agreement. This needs serious and immediate reform on behalf of the government of Zimbabwe, however. Until then, on a positive not, in March considerably less human rights violations have been documented than in the previous month.
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