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Attacks on farm workers residing on invaded farms, ongoing since the end of February 2000, were reported to the Human Rights Forum in November. Since January this year, more than 70 000 farm workers have been displaced and countless others have been beaten and tortured whilst others lost their homes in arson attacks.
Once again the ZRP was been found wanting in its protection and reaction to violations concerning farm workers and MDC supporters. In one recorded case, policemen in Kadoma arrived at the local Zanu-PF offices and witnessed the torture of two MDC members but left without rendering assistance. However 14 MDC members were arrested for the murder of Bulawayo war veteran’s chairman, Cain Nkala.
In Harare members of the ZRP unlawfully arrested and tortured two MDC officials from Zengeza, accusing them of having had some involvement in Cain Nkala’s murder, despite their being in Harare at the time. The two were released without being charged having been interrogated about the operations of their party.
Six deaths were recorded in November. A list of all deaths that have been reported since January 2001 is given at the end of the report.
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