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The Kadoma Central (MIDLANDS PROVINCE) by-election was held from 29-30 November 2003. Election agents, party supporters and the electorate were subject to violence and intimidation as a political tool. The prospects for a free and fair electoral environment had already been dampened by violence that prevailed in the area prior to the election and the surrounded the holding of Nomination Court in October.
Central by-election was characterized by the infringement of the right freedom of association, expression and movement, with several reports of assault, political intimidation and death threats. SM and KM claim that while campaigning for Charles Mupandawana, MDC candidate in the Kadoma Central Parliamentary by-election, they were beaten by both ZANU PF supporters and the police. SM asserts that the police accused him of having assaulted some ZANU PF supporters, that they took him to Waverly Police Station, and that they severely assaulted and then detained him in police custody for 3 days.
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