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At the root of Mugabe’s approach to the law is the notion that rules, including the national constitution, its subsidiary laws, and indeed, the ZANU PF party constitution are not inviolable. With this attitude as the foundation of governance by successive Mugabe-led regimes, the whole edifice of legality and constitutionalism has crumbled. For example, Mugabe and ZANU PF hold the new constitution to be a mere guideline that the government may adhere to at some unstated time in the future, rather than a sacrosanct document the provisions of which require immediate, absolute and fearful compliance. Zimbabweans appear to have become so inured to the former attitude that, although the country is in fact in the throes of a major, but silent, constitutional crisis – the symptoms of which are insouciantly brushed aside as inconsequential by government – has been inadequately commented upon. Where there has been a response, it mostly has been one of muted protest rather than a howl of indignant outrage and disbelief at the arrogant temerity of it all. Read more Mugabe & Gono
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