Constitutional Court confirms 31 July Election Date.

On 4 July 2013, the Zimbabwean Constitutional Court, in a unanimous decision:

  • Dismissed the challenges to the President’s election date proclamation and his Presidential Powers (Amendment of Electoral Act) Regulations. Consequently it also dismissed the arguments for an extension of the 31st July election date raised in the applications brought by the Prime Minister, Professor Ncube and others.
  •  Dismissed the application brought by the Minister for Justice, Patrick Chinamasa requesting for a two-week extension of the election date, following the SADC 15th June Communique
  •  Declared, for the avoidance of doubt, that the coming elections must be held on 31st July in compliance with the court’s order of 31st May and in accordance with the President’s proclamation.

The court will give its reasons for judgment next week.

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