The Forum pledges to continue fighting impunity on UN anti-torture day

Zimbabwe is a nation with a long and reprehensible history of human rights violations abetted by a political culture of impunity. The Government of Zimbabwe has failed in law and practice to address past eras of organized violence and torture such as the Gukura- hundi atrocities and the 2008 election violence, among others. The failure to investigate, prosecute and punish perpetrators has resulted in an entrenched culture of impunity, sense of immunity among perpetrators and thus, the continued violation of human rights by both state and non-state actors. It is the duty of every state to protect its citizens by tak- ing effective legislative, administrative and judicial measures to avert organized violence and torture. The state has an obligation to carry out investigations, identify perpetrators and impose appropriate punishment on perpetrators to avoid recurrence of organized violence and torture. Read more: Zimrights Advert-8

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