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Zimbabwe’s biggest human rights story of the past three months has been political violence. We analysed its beginnings in the first issue. But in April and May there was so much violence that the Human Rights Research Unit was almost swamped. So we are getting up to date with another double issue of the Monitor covering both months. It analyses the changing pattern of this violence in these two months.
But first, it has been a sad time for many Zimbabweans. The Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe advertised prominen
tly that ‘No politician is worth killing, injuring, beating and hating one another for!’ But 38 people died. We offer our condolences to all those whose loved ones were murdered for no better reason than to maintain a political party in power. Zimbabweans right to life was massively infringed. Men and women from all the major parties died, together with those who were not affiliated to any party.
Let us remind ourselves of the 38 who died during April – May, how they died, and where, in a roll of honour. We can name only 22, in addition to Edwin Gomo and Robert Musoni, of the Movement for Democratic Change, who died in late March after violence in Mashonaland Central province.
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