Statement on the arrest and detention of members of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) on 22 October 2003 Statement on the Attack on Mrs Beatrice Mtetwa by Police Officers on 14th October 2003

The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum condemns without reservation and in the strongest possible terms, the recent attack by the Police on Mrs Beatrice Mtetwa, a human rights lawyer of considerable reputation.

Attacks on human rights defenders in Zimbabwe are a cause for grave concern and have contributed to the collapse of the rule of law. In the case of Mrs Mtetwa, it is particularly morally offensive that the attack was perptrated on her while she was seeking the assistance of the police following an attempt by criminals to highjack her car. As a victim of crime, Mrs Mtetwa was entitled to her right to the protection of the law.

The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum calls upon the Commissioner of the Zimbabwe Republic Police to undertake a thorough investigation into the attack on Mrs Mtetwa as well as other reported attacks on members of the legal profession and human rights defenders with a view to bringing to justice the officers who are responsible for the attacks.

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