WOZA Congratulatory Letter by Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum

15th March 2007

Ms J Williams

National Co-ordinator

Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA)

P O Box FM 701



Dear Ms Williams

Re: Women of Courage Award

The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum sends its warmest congratulations to you and Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) on the receipt of this prestigious award.

The work that you have done in the short period of the existence of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) has been outstanding in mobilising women to advocate on issues which effect their daily lives and in unifying women in communities to champion their rights.

While your public demonstrations have always been peaceful and well ordered, it is a matter for grave concern that the law enforcement agents in Zimbabwe have arrested, assaulted and tortured your members. But in true activist manner you have challenged the acts of such agents with bravery and some success through the courts.

We are extremely proud of and for you and wish you every future success in your efforts to unite the women of Zimbabwe to campaign for their democratic rights.

Yours sincerely,

E M Sawyer (Mrs)
Executive Director

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