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The MMPZ continued to closely monitor the private media’s reports on post election economic prospects. In this report they present major findings by private media, which widely reported that Zimbabweans’ hopes for a quick economic turnaround under the new ZANU PF government are fading fast as more reports on symptoms of economic deterioration emerge almost on a daily basis.
Among them was news of further company closures; retrenchments; high unemployment levels; failure to significantly increase civil servants salaries, persistent water and power cuts; acute food shortages; deterioration of infrastructure; and outbreaks of water-borne diseases.
These problems continued to persist more than 100 days after the July 31st election despite promises by ZANU PF during the campaign period that the party would prioritize the revival of the country’s economy if Zimbabweans gave it the sole mandate to govern. Read more here: Election Review-October 2013-1

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