The Food Crisis – Update in 2001

Over a year ago, in October 2000, issue 7 of the Human Rights Monitor first looked at food as a fundamental human right. Then, bread cost $23 for a standard white loaf – and people had rioted.

Things are worse now, in the “year of the ballooning bread price”. Our right to eat is even more threatened. We have an extreme food shortage. Production fell on occupied farms. Until September, farmers refused to sell maize to the GMB because its price ($7 500 per tonne) was too low. The GMB then backdated its new price (Z$8 500) to June. But by the end of the buying season, the GMB had reportedly bought only 48% of the maize it bought last year from farmers.

In this Human Rights Monthly, the food situation in Zimbabwe is analysed. The chain of events and relevant actors are summarised. Moreover, this is put in context to the general human rights situation in the country.

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