Zimbabwe Facts and Fictions: An Audit of the Recommendations of the Fact-Finding Mission of the ACHPR

This analysis provides a robust audit of the progress made in Zimbabwe with regard to the recommendations formulated by a African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) fact-finding mission in 2002. The recommendations addressed the government and had the aim to improve the human rights situation in Zimbabwe that was earlier found to be wanting. Three years later little progress has been made with regard to the human rights situation, as the recommendations were mostly not implemented.

Under review are in particular the more general creation of an environment conducive to human rights, the independence of the judiciary and other national institutions, the media, the police force and, although mentioned only implicitly, civil society in Zimbabwe. The report hence provides a comprehensive analysis that goes beyond merely checking the implementation of the recommendations, but presents an audit of important actors in Zimbabwe’s political system and its failure to guarantee human rights.

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