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This analysis looks at the importance of respecting, promoting and protecting the basic human right to life that is inherent in every human being. The Constitution of Zimbabwe and international human rights law state how important it is to protect the right to life and to ensure that it is not arbitrarily taken or threatened. However, it is permissible under the Constitution of Zimbabwe for this right to be revoked when the state imposes the death penalty. This is one of the instances when the right to life can be revoked.
All stakeholders have a role to play to guarantee the right to life. The stakeholders include the Government of Zimbabwe; the public; the electorate; civic society and the media. Activities that can be engaged in order to enforce the right to life by all of these include:

  • Abiding by the Constitution
  • Adhering to relevant Treaties and Conventions ratified by the Government of Zimbabwe
  • Providing civic education, advocacy and litigation
  • Increasing demand from citizens for their socio-economic and political rights and for accountability and transparency
  • from the government and
  • Monitoring and reporting on human
  • rights abuses

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