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Report: 2012 International Conference on Transitional Justice

Another activity of the Forum is a transitional justice roadshow to engage Zimbabweans in discussions about truth, accountability and rehabilitation of survivors. Here, the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum presents the report on the 2012 International Conference on Transitional Justice in Zimbabwe which took place from the 4th to the 6th of October 2012. The conference brought…

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Arrests and detentions on Referendum day

The Forum's member ZIMBABWE Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) has today continued to be actively involved in following the referendum day events and providing related legal support services. On Saturday 16 March 2013, ZLHR lawyers provided legal assistance to several people who were arrested and subsequently detained as they exercised or attempted to exercise their right…

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Constitutionalising Transitional Justice

On 31 January 2013, the Parliamentary Select Committee (COPAC) published the final draft of the Zimbabwean Constitution with 345 sections.  There are many aspects of the draft that are relevant to Zimbabwe’s transitional justice discourse.  The Forum presents this brief analysis on the key issues related to transitional justice in Zimbabwe.  Please follow the link…

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ZLHR Analysis of Draft Constitution

On 12 Febraury, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) released its attached final simplified analysis of the Draft Constitution approved for referendum by the Parliament of Zimbabwe on Wednesday 6 February 2013. Updating their previous analysis, which was circulated in September 2012, this final analysis provides information on the key provisions of each Chapter of the…

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Civil Society Monitoring mechanism (CISOMM) Statement on the 4th Anniversary of the Formation of the Inclusive Government

This is a Press statement by the CIVIL SOCIETY MONITORING MECHANISM (CISOMM) on the 4th Anniversary of the Formation of the Inclusive Government. Whilst CISOMM acknowledges progress in Zimbabwe since the formation of the inclusive gevernment, it calls upon the goverment to take stock of the unfulfilled provisions of the political agreement in order to…

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A Culture of Impunity In Zimbabwe: A Report on Access to Justice for Survivors of Organized Violence and Torture (OVT) In Zimbabwe

The report explores Access to Justice for Survivors of Organized Violence and Torture (OVT) in Zimbabwe. Download PDF, 602 Kb Executive Summary The report is based on incidents of human rights violations recorded by the Forum during the period January- June 2012. Most of the incidents of human rights violations reported during this period related to acts of politically…

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A study into the torture legislative framework in Zimbabwe: Gaps and opportunities

The analysis explores the legislation in Zimbabwe, in a effort to identify the gaps and opportunities in relation to outlawing torture in Zimbabwe and providing appropiate redress for torture survivors and penal measures for offenders. To that end, the Statutes of Limitation, Amnesty Laws, Laws regulating security officers as well as Procedural laws are analysed. Result of the…

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Strengthening Human Rights in Governance and Transparency – Report for 2011/12

This is a progress report on the performance of the Governance and Transparency Fund programme with the goal of strengthening human rights in governance and transparency. The goal of the programme is to strengthen human rights in governance and transparency. Activities: public education; training of Human Rights Defenders (HRDs), service institutions and community leaders; legal advice…

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Social Marketing of Benefits and Services for Victims of Human Rights Violations

This paper discusses the role and importance of social marketing, for both core services that form the mandate of human rights civil society organisations and complimentary services that are not the preserve or mandate of the organisation. Social marketing makes whole the visions of human rights organisations, through educating and motivating the public to demand…

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About The Forum

The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (the Forum) is a coalition of twenty-two human rights NGOs in Zimbabwe. The Forum’s activities include transitional justice work, research and documentation, and public interest litigation. Learn more about us.

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