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A Woman's Place is in the Home: Gender Based Violence and Opposition Politics in Zimbabwe

Gender stereotyping, usually associated with a society which identifies with patriarchal norms, is easily identified as prevalent in Zimbabwe where it often presents itself under the guise of traditional African or conservative Christian values. In Zimbabwe, despite equality clauses in the country’s Constitution and the fact that Zimbabwe is a signatory to Convention on the Elimination…

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Zimbabwe's Failure to Meet the Benchmarks in the Cotonou Agreement

Unlike its predecessor, the Cotonou Agreement expanded the cooperation between the European Union and African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States into the political sphere, explicitly giving cognisance to the fact that issues of governance are inseparable from economic development. This aspect of the agreement has been successively strengthened, particularly through amendments introduced by Annexure…

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Political Repression Disguised as Civic Mindedness: Operation Murambatsvina One Year Later

This report makes an audit of whether or not the government of Zimbabwe has addressed the concerns of the UN and implemented the recommendations of the UN Special Envoy on Human Settlement regarding major devastations and large-scale suffering following "Operation Murambatsvina". Operation Murambatsvina was launched in May 2005, supposedly to put a stop at illegal activities,…

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Exploring Transitional Justice Options in Contemporary Zimbabwe

The situation in Zimbabwe presents a related, yet somewhat different, challenge to traditional post-conflict transitional justice situations. As the country remains in the grip of a repressive nationalistic regime, prospects for meaningful change in the short term remain doubtful. Indeed, the situation looks set to continue deteriorating, especially in the wake of ZANU(PF)’s victory in…

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Zimbabwe Facts and Fictions: An Audit of the Recommendations of the Fact-Finding Mission of the ACHPR

This analysis provides a robust audit of the progress made in Zimbabwe with regard to the recommendations formulated by a African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) fact-finding mission in 2002. The recommendations addressed the government and had the aim to improve the human rights situation in Zimbabwe that was earlier found to be…

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Human Rights and Zimbabwe's Presidential Election: Special Report

Five candidates contested this election. Robert Mugabe stood for re-election against Morgan Tsvangirai (Movement for Democratic Change), Shakespeare Maya (National Alliance for Good Governance), and two independents, Wilson Kumbula and Paul Siwela, whose parties (ZANU and ZAPU) refused to endorse their candidacies. ‘Public’ media coverage of the election campaigns was widely condemned as biased. Two days…

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