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In this paper, Professor Elklit of Aarhus University argues that prior to the implementation of the constitution, a number of politically delicate issues must be looked into. Decisions on these issues will be a precondition for organizing the new elections.
To name a few of these examples, it is unclear as to what proportional representation (PR) system shall be used. It is also unclear how many candidates that political parties will be required to have on their party lists and whether those candidates will be allowed to stand in one or more races.
He concludes that this situation can best be characterised as unfinished business by the politicians and it means that political parties in Zimbabwe cannot hold their primaries and decide on their candidates until they know what the rules of the game(s) will be. It will also not be possible to hold Nomination Courts and the Zimbabwean Election Commission (ZEC) cannot seriously start to prepare for the election, including the procurement of ballot papers!
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