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This is the Forum Activity and Accountability category we created for the re-categorisation of the website (which was eventually rejected). Should this option come back on the table, the information entered here can be used again. We like to protect our carefully created metadata!

Strengthening Human Rights in Governance and Transparency – Report for 2008/09

This is a progress report on the performance of the Governance and Transparency Fund programme with the goal of strengthening human rights in governance and transparency. The goal of the programme is to strengthen human rights in governance and transparency. Activities: public education; training of Human Rights Defenders (HRDs), service institutions and community leaders; legal […]

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Human Rights Research Unit: Annual Report 2006

The Specific objective of the Research unit is “to document, research on, verify and publish incidents of gross violations of human rights in Zimbabwe, particularly those associated with organized violence and torture”. This report documents the unit’s work in 2006, giving short abstracts for all publications and outlining managerial decisions. In total, 5 792 incidents […]

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Forum Activity – Annual Report 2005

The Environment in 2005 A culture of violence continued to develop in Zimbabwe, which escalates during elections, peaceful demonstrations by civil society and stay-aways. The violence is mainly inflicted on persons who hold differing political views from the ruling party and is in breach of section 21 of the Constitution which states that “no person […]

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International Liaison Office: Annual Report 2004

Summary The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (The Forum) has been in existence since January 1998, when non-governmental organisations working in the field of human rights joined together to provide legal and psychosocial assistance to the victims of the food riots of January 1998. The International Liaison Office (IntLO) of the Forum started operations in […]

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