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This is the analysis category we created for the re-categorisation of the website (which was eventually rejected). Should this option come back on the table, the information entered here can be used again. We like to protect our carefully created metadata!

The need for witness protection and transitional justice in Zimbabwe

Witness and victim support and protection form an important part of truth and justice seeking mechanisms. The protection of witnesses and victims is crucial in any effective investigation and prosecution of perpetrators of human rights violations, be it in criminal justice or transitional justice processes. Read more …Witness protection and Transitional Justice in Zimbabwe

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2nd QPVR 2015

The QPVR is a monitoring tool to track and document trends in civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights violations. This report covers the period between April and June 2014 and highlights developments, statistics and trends in human rights violations. Read more…2nd QPVR 2015

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Bulletin 109 – Rights of persons with disabilities

Although persons with disabilities should enjoy the same rights enjoyed by able-bodied people, they often face social, legal, and practical barriers in claiming and enjoying those rights on an equal basis with others. This bulletin provides information on the rights of persons with disabilities. Read more …Bulletin 109 – Rights of persons with disabilities

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