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Violence against women and children: A preliminary study into societal perceptions

Executive Summary Violence against women and children is a common phenomenon in Zimbabwe. It occurs, both in the private and public spheres, catalysed by a number of factors that stem from the way in which society is structured. These factors include culture, tradition, religion, politics, and the economy. These factors contribute to shaping societal perceptions […]

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Serious human rights violations by ZANU PF with a gendered dimension

As Zimbabwe geared up for the historic Presidential run-off on 27 June 2008, ZANU PF embarked on a deplorable pre-election violence campaign. The report chronicles high levels of political intolerance by all political parties but more seriously violations of human rights by the ZANU PF party. The gendered dimensions of politically motivated and state sponsored […]

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Children’s Rights in Zimbabwe

This Human Rights Monitor provides a legal definition to who is considered a child in Zimbabwe. Based on this, the rights of children are spelled out, drawing on national, regional and international legislation and treaties. Particular reference in the analysis is made to health issues, e.g. HIV/AIDS, child abuse and political rights violations, e.g. torture […]

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