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Referendum Report by Zimbabwe Election Support Network

On the 16th March 2013, the people of Zimbabwe voted in a historic Referendum for the New Constitution for their country, the second time they have done so since achieving independence in 1980. The first time was in February 2000 when citizens rejected the draft constitution but 13 years later, they overwhelmingly endorsed the draft […]

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Current position on the new constitution

This bulletin explains, step by step, the current position and future steps with regard to Zimbabwe’s new Constitution.  It is a sequel to our 27 March issue titled ‘What will happen after the Referendum?’ and comes in the wake of the current lack of clarity on the next steps and  and also the political wrangling […]

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Fact sheet: What will happen after the Referendum?

The Constitution Referendum results were gazetted on 26 March 2013 in General Notice 201A/2013 signed by the Minister of Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs.  This fact sheet explains what will now happen from the date of such gazetting until the elections. Under the current constitution, parliament runs for 5 years therefore the current Parliament runs from […]

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SITUATION ROOM: Post Referendum latest news, views and analysis

This page is our Command Centre for news, views and analysis in connection with the Referendum on the constitution. The Centre will be regularly updated, with the latest news at the top. Also visit our Facebook page Please view the page here:  Referendum latest news, views and analysis Trending stories Thursday 21 March Human […]

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