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Toddler & mother detained over bombing of ZANU PF offices

Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights Alert Zimbabwean police have arrested a woman and her toddler in connection with the alleged bombing of some Zanu PF sub-offices in Harare’s high density suburb of Highfield. Spiwe Pambayi aged 32, together with her one year-old baby, Clifford Mbewe, endured two nights in police custody, first at Machipisa Police Station and […]

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Eighth Parliament’s Legislative agenda

President Mugabe opened the first session of the Eighth Parliament of Zimbabwe on Tuesday 17th September. amid the pomp and ceremony traditionally associated with the event.  As expected, MDC-T members of Parliament did not attend the ceremony.  The two MDC Senators, however, did attend. After the ceremony both Houses reassembled briefly before adjourning for one week.  Business next […]

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Peace must deliver freedom & development-WOZA

WOZA members selected this theme as a way to explain to their political leadership that Zimbabweans cannot enjoy ‘peace’ in the absence of or without FREEDOM and DEVELOPMENT. Members have heard so many statements that there is peace in Zimbabwe, that elections were held in peace. It seems that there is too much showing off […]

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ZPP August 2013 Political Violence Report

The month of August was packed with activities following the holding of the harmonised elections on July 31, 2013. During the month under review the country witnessed the announcement of the winners of the elections, the Heroes’ Day celebrations, the winning Zanu PF celebrations, the inauguration of President Robert Mugabe and the election court challenges […]

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