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Landmark UN Report on Freedom of Expression – Forum Research on Case of Zimbabwe

Across the globe, innovations in technologies have facilitated communication and free expression, enabling anonymity, rapid information sharing, and cross-cultural dialogues. At the same time, technological developments have increased opportunities for State surveillance and intervention into individuals’ private communications. Surveillance threatens both an individual’s freedom to express themselves and their right to maintain a private life […]

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Political Repression Disguised as Civic Mindedness: Operation Murambatsvina One Year Later

This report makes an audit of whether or not the government of Zimbabwe has addressed the concerns of the UN and implemented the recommendations of the UN Special Envoy on Human Settlement regarding major devastations and large-scale suffering following “Operation Murambatsvina”. Operation Murambatsvina was launched in May 2005, supposedly to put a stop at illegal […]

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International Liaison Office: Annual Report 2004

Summary The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (The Forum) has been in existence since January 1998, when non-governmental organisations working in the field of human rights joined together to provide legal and psychosocial assistance to the victims of the food riots of January 1998. The International Liaison Office (IntLO) of the Forum started operations in […]

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International Liaison Office: Annual Report 2003

Introduction 2003 was a very exciting year in the international field, in which the IntLO was able to successfully contribute to a number of events. IntLO focuses on intergovernmental organizations, in particular the AU, Commonwealth, EU and UN. The most important work was in relation to the Commonwealth, where the beginning of the year saw […]

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