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Peace must deliver freedom & development-WOZA

WOZA members selected this theme as a way to explain to their political leadership that Zimbabweans cannot enjoy ‘peace’ in the absence of or without FREEDOM and DEVELOPMENT. Members have heard so many statements that there is peace in Zimbabwe, that elections were held in peace. It seems that there is too much showing off […]

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Violence against women and children: A preliminary study into societal perceptions

Executive Summary Violence against women and children is a common phenomenon in Zimbabwe. It occurs, both in the private and public spheres, catalysed by a number of factors that stem from the way in which society is structured. These factors include culture, tradition, religion, politics, and the economy. These factors contribute to shaping societal perceptions […]

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Bulletin 79: Women and Transitional Justice

This bulletin centers on the importance of transitional justice for women and governmental policies that would create corresponding mechanisms. In addition, the bulletin cites women’s vulnerability in conflict situations with respect to sexualised violence and draws upon international principles and their links between women and transitional justice. There is also a focus on women’s exclusion […]

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Gender-Based Violence in Zimbabwe

This Analysis has been created as a part of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. It researches what gender- based violence is, its traits, types, possible causes and effects. In Zimbabwe gender-based violence is seen particularly in acts of domestic violence where rights are violated because of physiological make-up and gender roles performed. […]

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