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The crisis which began in late 1997 showed little sign of abating during 1999, and all political commentators remain agreed that the severe crisis continuing in Zimbabwe shows little sign of immediate resolution. The President continued to act without consulting Parliament or with respect to the Constitution. The extremely costly war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo continued during 1999, and by the end of the year there were few signs that this war would be easily ended or that any of the negotiations would produce a political solution. This war is estimated to be costing Zimbabwe in excess of US$3 million per day, and press reports suggest that the government has spent a Z$6 billion in unbudgeted military expenditure related to the war.
There were serious attacks by the President and the Government on the press, the Judiciary and civil society, with the most serious of these involving the kidnapping and torture of two journalists. This led immediately to a crisis in the rule of law, and, although there has been an uneasy truce between all the parties, the crisis is yet to be resolved in any meaningful way.
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