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This report is a follow-up to the Taking Transitional Justice to the People outreach project, which commenced in 2009, during which the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (the Forum) went to local communities across the country to introduce the discussion on transitional justice. In this survey, the Forum conducted research between February and March 2011 to capture the recommendations and perceptions of individual Zimbabweans on transitional justice. This report highlights the most relevant recommendations and perceptions, and summarizes the responses of 3 189 individuals to 23 questions administered from a previously designed questionnaire. Through a series of tables as well as summary notes, a picture of the views, attitudes, perceptions and recommendations of Zimbabweans towards transitional justice is presented.
This report is unique in that it presents the findings of the first national survey on transitional justice in Zimbabwe, and it adds to the short list of consultative-based positions on transitional justice in the country. One of the main purposes of the report is to inform policy on how to deal with past gross human rights violations in Zimbabwe, thereby assisting in steering the country towards peace and political tolerance.
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The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum (the Forum) is a coalition of twenty-two human rights NGOs in Zimbabwe. The Forum’s activities include transitional justice work, research and documentation, and public interest litigation. Learn more about us.

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