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ZANU PF supporters who burnt houses belonging to members of the opposition during the 2008 political turmoil have been ordered by the High Court to compensate the victims.
This followed applications for default judgement filed by three Muzarabani men Gideon Mukoshoware, John Savanhu and Moses Nyabuda.
All the judgements passed in default by High Court judge Garainesu Mawadze on Wednesday, will see Mukoshoware getting $4 000 from 13 Zanu PF activists. Savanhu will receive $30 000 from six supporters while Nyabuda will get $5 000 from three activists.
The trio, through lawyer Tsungai Mutongwizo from the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum applied to have the application granted in default after the other parties failed to respond to the request.
Taken from DailyNews
Mukoshoware told the court that the assailants visited his house in May 2008 and demanded that he removed his belongings from his house.
Before he could remove his property, Mukoshoware told the court that the group burnt down his four thatched houses. The houses were all consumed by fire, including his belongings.
“The actions of the respondents left me and my family homeless and I had to beg for survival. I was deprived of my livelihood and dignity,” he said.
Savanhu said a similar encounter befell him in April 2008, when the six men approached his home, singing liberation songs.
When he went out, he saw his neighbour’s houses in flames. He fled from his home and the assailants went on to set alight his houses, destroying his property in the process.
“I lost my entire property and valuables that were inside the house and was robbed of my livelihood.
“At all material times the respondents were aware that their actions were wrongful and unlawful since it is not a crime in Zimbabwe for one to support a political party of his choice,” he said.
Nyabuda on the other hand, said when the attackers arrived at his house, he fled, leaving his family behind and hid close to his home.
He said he heard his children crying and when he came back he saw the assailants assaulting his children.
He managed to take the children away, but the activists set his home on fire and destroyed his property.

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