Counselling Services Unit

Physical Address: Suite 1, 1 Raleigh Street, Harare, Zimbabwe, PO Box 5465, Harare, Zimbabwe

Telephone: +263 (0 )4 773 496, 772 843, 772 883, 792 222, (0) 772 260 378


Established in Harare in 2003, the Counselling Services Unit (CSU) aims to provide the best possible medical and psychological care for victims of organised violence and torture, and to work for the complete elimination of torture in Zimbabwe, in a non-partisan manner. The organisation also works to build awareness of chronic mental health disabilities and carry out forensic documentation of medical and forensic injuries. It also carries out research, prevention, training and advocacy activities.


Its objectives are to prevent organised violence and torture, advocate for the rights of victims, and rehabilitate them. It is divided into five sectors: Counselling; Education/Training; Health; Human Rights and Victim Support. While their vision is a world without torture, in the event that the practice of torture continues, the CSU maintains that persons and communities are entitled to full reparation, which includes health-based rehabilitation. CSU is a member of the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRTC)