Zimbabwe Civic Education trust(ZIMCET)

Contact Person: Mavis Kalumbu

Physical Address: 1 GreenTress Gardens, 44 Southey Avenue, Hillside, Harare

Telephone: 0773 545 778



Facebook:_Zimbabwe Civic Education Trust

Website: www.zimcet.org

ZIMCET is a trust organisation which seeks to create an empowered, peaceful Zimbabwean society in which citizens are conscious of their rights and obligations. It was founded in the year 2000, in response to the violent land invasions that swept across the country, followed by a violent election soon after. Thereafter the organisation continued to monitor peace in four regions of the country, but extended to its mandate to heal the wounds of victims.

Today, ZIMCET’s main thrust to to encourage citizens to participate fully in the socio-economic, civic and cultural development of the country. Its mission is to build an empowered, peaceful society through civic education, advocacy and lobby meetings. As a grassroots based organisation, ZIMCET works through community volunteers (known as animators), and peace committees. Its core business is to provide education for peace, human rights, justice and development.

ZIMCET has also identified volunteers/facilitators who are ambassadors for peace at local level. They operate at constituency level, and their main task is to organise and hold public meetings with communities, where the latter discuss their security and other issues that affect them.