Zimbabwe Human Rights Association

Contact Person: Dzikamai Bere

Physical Address: ZimRights House, Number 90 S.V Muzenda Street

Telephone: +263 4 707278, 705898

Email: dzikamai@zimrights.org.zw 

Twitter: @ZimRights1                                      

Facebook: Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights)

Website: www.zimrights.org.zw

(ZimRights) was formed in 1992 for the sole purpose of ensuring that Zimbabweans are informed of their rights as citizens, and are equipped with the knowledge to defend those rights. The organisation has offices in all regions of the country.


ZimRights has the vision to be the leader in developing and sustaining a culture of human rights in the country. One of its most prominent preoccupations in the last turbulent years of the country was to collect information on human rights abuses in preparation for transitional justice. It also provided food and shelter for people displaced by the political violence that swept across the country in the elections of 2009, and has in the past organised memorials for victims of human rights abuses.


ZimRights’ mission is to use a grassroots approach in promoting, protecting and defending people’s rights through education, information, legal aid, counselling, lobbying, advocacy and networking within the country. Its objectives include the ratification and domestication of regional and international instruments, the strangthening of corporate governance principles in the organisation, to promote human rights awareness and respect for all, with special emphasis on marginalised groups, and to network with local, regional and international human rights organisations with similar objectives.


Among ZimRights’ values are respect for human dignity, sensitivity for gender and marginalised groups, transparency, accountability, impartiality, non alignment to political parties, and integrity.